Siberian Kitten Fraud

The most expensive kitten you will ever buy is the kitten you never get. This area is full of fraud and scammers because of the high demand for Siberian kittens combined with the limited number of legitimate breeders with registered TICA kittens. It is also full of fraud because of the emotional attachment we feel as good people for the kittens we are going to adopt and for the pets we have as a part of our families.

If you are looking at a kitten for less than $1500 without there being a reason (ie, the cat was a retired breeder or doesn’t meet breed standards or is older or being rescued), you are probably being scammed. TICA registered kittens take a lot of time and effort to raise. Good catteries spend time daily with their kittens socializing and loving them so that they are amazing family members. Larger catteries may even be supporting employees, have vet bills, and the cost to house and feed the kittens and their adult cats appropriately.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting your kitten from a legitimate cattery with a physical presence. Some of these places that are scammers even threaten to call the police on you if you don’t give them money for certain things because, they claim, that would be animal abuse. The truth is, if they had kittens, they are 100% responsible for their care prior to transferring ownership to you. The only person the police should arrest for animal abuse if a cat or kitten was being mistreated is the person that was caring for them. Don’t fall into this trap and try to buy a kitten for less than what they really are selling for. You will likely not get a kitten. We have helped multiple people that have been scammed and know how this goes.

The Manager (and owner) of our cattery is JODI DOAK, a Michigan licensed attorney. We hope this will give you one more assurance that this business is legitimate and you will get a real kitten from us. You are welcome to look up Jodi on the State Bar website and research her on google and you will find a person with an excellent reputation in her community for honesty and integrity.

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