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The Siberian Cat

The Siberian Cat (Siberian Forest Cat) is a breed that originated in Russia and is known for being extremely social, affable, and friendly. In addition to their amazing personality and love of people, they are also some of the most beautiful cats in the world.

A Siberian cat can come in a variety of colors. Our cattery mainly raises cream colored tabby points with bright blue eyes, like this kitten pictured here. This means our cats will be cream colored and or white with stripes of brown and grey, ears that generally are pointed in brown and/or grey and some color in their fur with bright blue eyes. On occasion a recessive gene will result in us having some Russian blue / silver kittens with beautiful green eyes or darker colored kittens. There are many different colors that a Siberian Cat can be!.

The Siberian breed is considered hypoallergenic. This does not mean that all people will be able to interact with a Siberian without having an allergic reaction. The Siberian breed has a modified DNA strand that makes them less allergic to people. Many people with cat allergies can still own and love a Siberian Forest Cat. However, we require contact with our cattery in person if you have allergy issues prior to a purchase or reservation. Please contact Jodi about this.

Benefit of Siberian Cat Ownership: Just like personalities in dogs go with the breed, personalities with Siberians are rooted in their genes and in their upbringing. Siberians are known for being silly, loving and amazing companions. Many Siberian owners are lifetime Siberian lovers and owners.