Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is your pricing?

 First I want to tell you what we provide.  Our kittens come with 1 round of vaccinations and we have them preventatively wormed two times prior to them coming into your care. We also sell Genuine Siberian kittens that come to you at 12-16 weeks of age and have cared and loved these kittens and socialized them so they will be amazing family members.  They also come with a health guarantee which is on our contract at

Some people are offering kittens on fraudulent websites for a lower price.  These are not really Siberian kittens or these are not kittens at all and they are just scammers.  All legitimate breeders I know charge a similar or greater price than I do, which is $1500 without breeding rights.

I am a michigan licensed attorney.  We breed and sell real Siberian TICA registered kittens, which take a lot of time and love to raise correctly. I tell you this so you can look me up and know I’m a real person.  

If you find a Siberian kitten for less there should be a legitimate reason, like that the kitten is older than 16 weeks old, the kitten has non breed characteristics, or it is a retired breeder or full grown cat. 

You are welcome to come meet our kittens after they have their first vaccinations.  Breeders with real kittens usually allow people to do so.  

We have a $300 deposit and when you pick up the kitten the rest should be paid in cash prior to delivery.  

We welcome questions about our kittens.

What is your kitten adoption process?

I want to first say a short thing about fraud.  There are many places offering kittens that really have no kittens.  It’s unfortunate we have to worry about this.  Please be careful.  Don’t give out untraceable forms of payment.  If the kittens are priced low, they offer too many different colors, or promise too much they may be scammers. 

I am a michigan licensed attorney and my bar number is 64648.  You can look me up on the state bar website or Google me.  This information is provided to give you assurance I am a real person with real kittens.  

To adopt a Siberian kitten you first need to read and agree to our contract on our website. 

Then you can pick out a kitten either online or by coming in person after the kitten is 6 weeks of age and has had their vaccinations.  

To hold a  kitten you must have a deposit of $300 paid.  Then we will not sell that kitten to another person.  We take Venmo, cash app, PayPal, or a credit card.  There is a 3 percent fee when you use a payment method that charges us a fee.  

At about 12 weeks we allow kittens to go home.  We will give you that date and you can come pick up or we will on one day we choose make a trip to meet you closer to your home.  We will be delivering other kittens at the same time so you will have to be flexible and accommodate our schedule. At the time of delivery,  $1200 in cash is due, and the contact gets signed before we deliver the kitten.

How can I tell if a website or breeder is fraudulent?  

I had a kitten once that didn’t fit breed standards for showing and was offering him to someone at a reduced price and they thought that meant I was a scammer. So, I got blocked. Someone trying to scam you or commit fraud is going to paint a perfect picture for you and ask for a reduced fee. They would never be selling a kitten that didn’t meet breed standard for showing, for example. They would not be offering retired breeders for adoption. They are selling kittens and quite frequently, a wide variety of colors, which is difficult to do (think of the number of cats you must have to do this and the space needed to keep them separately). They make promises that clearly can’t be kept. Usually they ask for payment in a form that cannot be tracked (Visa gift cards, for example).

They start out by asking for the stated fee, then after they have you, they try to keep getting money from you. So transportation, medical care for the kitten, air-conditioning on a flight, etc. You have already given them money and they make it seem like you will lose the kitten or the kitten will die if you don’t shell out more money.

One lady I helped had paid $1200 even though the kitten was originally $600. Then they were trying to get her to pay to have the kitten shipped in the cabin instead of cargo for another $350. The police confirmed it was a scam after I pleaded with her to call the police and report them, but were not able to get her money back. I’m glad to say she has one of my kittens today that is a member of her family. But the cost was considerably higher than not falling for the scam in the first place.