Available Kittens

Our Siberian kittens are socialized from the day they are born and raised in our home with us and our 10-year-old daughter. By the time they are 12 weeks old they have had multiple contacts with other cats and dogs in our household as well. Our kittens are hypoallergenic to most people. There is a part of their DNA that makes them not cause an allergy response in most people. For more information on this, please read our page about this topic.

Please feel free to call Jodi at 231-675-0648 with questions.

The process for adopting a kitten is under our Frequently Asked Questions and in our Contract.

We do not currently have kittens. This is a time that is highlighted by alot of FRAUD in the Siberian Community because cats infrequently have kittens this time of year and so very few kittens are available. We had one cat one time that had kittens at the end of January. Those kittens didn’t go home until April.

PAID WAITING LIST: Get a guaranteed spot on our waiting list. The cost is $100 and when we have kittens you will get to choose in the order of the reservations. The $100 will be applied to the price of the kitten. When the kitten is born, the other $200 is due for the downpayment for the kitten.

NON-PAID WAITING LIST: Get a call when we have available kittens and after our paid waiting list is filled. Just text Jodi your name, address, phone number and email all in one text to 231-675-0648.

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