Michigan Siberian Kittens and Cats

Our Cattery is in Michigan and we have placed our beautiful Siberian Kittens all over the State of Michigan. If you wish to purchase a Siberian kitten, and you want to make an appointment with Jodi to come to the cattery to visit feel free to call her at 231-675-0648. You may also pick out a kitten online and arrange to meet with us for pickup.

See our beautiful Siberian Kittens that are available here.

Siberian Cats are so affectionate and loving! We know your life will never be the same after you own a Siberian Cat.

Our Siberian Kittens can be visited after their first vaccinations, at approximately 6 weeks of age. You must wash your hands up to the elbows prior to holding the kittens. Prior to coming to visit the kittens you will be given the address of where to come to see our kittens, which is our home near the Gaylord, Michigan area.

Currently, with each liter, we make a trip down state with the kittens that will be going home to that area. When we come there, we will set a meeting place for the families that live in that area and allow you to pick your kitten up from there free of charge. We only make this trip one time. So you will need to meet us on the day we travel down for the meet up.

We come near Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Ann Arbor to meet up for kitten delivery.