Michigan Siberian Kittens and Cats

Our Michigan Cattery

Our Cattery is located in Boyne City, Michigan. We offer low cost delivery options for our beautiful Siberian kittens all over the state of Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We will also deliver anywhere in the continental United States. Please contact us at 231-675-0648 for delivery options.

Our beautiful Siberian kittens have sparkling blue eyes and their colors usually mature into darker points

Siberian Forest Cat and Kitten Size

Siberians are known for being a large cat, but the size varies significantly and they are actually a medium to medium large sized cat, with a large difference between the males and females. Females usually range from 7-10 pounds as an adult. Males usually range from 12-15 pounds as a full grown adult. Siberian cats grow for an amazing 5 full years before they are considered to be full grown adults.

Coat: Siberians are medium to long haired cats. They are known by ear tufts and a medium to large mane. That mane can take well over a year to grow in, as the cat matures into an adult.

Hypo-Allergenic Cats and Kittens

Kaleidoscope Joy Cattery, LLC offers Michigan SiberiansSiberian Forest Cats which are known for being hypoallergenic for most people. This does not mean that 100% of people with allergies can have a Siberian cat. However, we find 70% of people with allergies have no response to our Siberian Cats.

Allergy Testing for Siberian Forest Cats and Kittens

We offer to send fur for testing from the mother cat of our kittens and from the kitten to test with a medical professional. We first and foremost want your experience with our Siberian kittens to be a life-long one and a happy one. No one wants a Siberian kitten to have to be re-homed. So we work closely with our clients to take all necessary measures to ensure the kitten will work in it’s placement.

Siberian Forest Cat Personality

The Siberian Forest Cat is so deeply loved that it is the is National Cat of Russia. It is known for it’s dog-like affection. All cats have their own personality. But the Siberian is well-known for being friendly and social. At our Cattery our kittens are socialized and loved every day of their lives by us and our 4 children. They are socialized with people visiting, and exposed to dogs of all sizes.

Siberian Forest Cat and Kittens – Name History

Official Name: Siberian Forest Cat

Short Name: Siberian or Siberian Cat

Other Names: Moscow Semi-Longhair

The Siberian is similar to the Norwegian Forest Cat.